CLIENT / Soluciones IT S.R.L

WE DID / Concept & design

COUNTRY / Argentina

YEAR / 2016

What we did

“IT Solutions company” asked us to develop a new brand for its latest project “C4B” which is a community of online business, where companies, individuals and businesses of all types interact commercially.

Visual Impact


We work to develop the brand from the basic concepts to convey: Business Community, network and technology. Such a combination of concepts resulted in a conceptually strong and attractive logo that clearly communicates all these aspects in an original and pragmatic way.


From the new image of the company we started working on developing a website with the same conceptual features of the mark. We worked in a new formal organization of the logo for proper application to digital media.

Matias Anzorena

CTO/Co Founder at FacturaciónWEB & C4B

For our new project we needed to communicate many difficult concepts to convey in a single image, EFEX solved the problem creatively without losing the fundamental concept. We are very happy of the results and looking forward to this new phase of the company.